How do you get rid of neuropathy on the feet?

Check every day for blisters, cuts, or calluses. Since burning sensations in the feet are a common symptom of people with neuropathy, you should be aware of topical treatments that can help. Most topical treatments contain capsaicin that comes from chili seeds. If you've been looking for an excuse to take a hot bath, here it is.

Taking a warm bath can be extremely relaxing and can also relieve the pain symptoms of neuropathy. When exercising, it will also increase blood flow to the limbs and reduce stress. When you have neuropathy that affects your feet, you should be open to making lifestyle adjustments that address your problems. We mentioned this earlier when we talk about lifestyle adjustments, but it's worth mentioning again.

Walk, exercise releases natural pain relievers called endorphins. Exercise also promotes blood flow to the nerves in the legs and feet. Researchers believe that regular exercise can create a lasting expansion of the blood vessels in the feet, nourishing damaged nerves to return to health. Start with a daily walk, gradually increasing the pace and distance.

Treatment of foot neuropathy is aimed at relieving pain and restoring sensitivity to improve the function and quality of life of the patient. There is no cure for peripheral neuropathy, but proper treatment will slow progression and address symptoms. If the cause of foot neuropathy is known, treatment of the underlying cause may provide relief. Unfortunately, 33% of the time podiatrists do not know what causes neuropathy and should treat only the symptoms.

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that causes weakness, pain, and numbness in the limbs (usually the hands and feet).